Shih-tzu puppies love kids!
  • 08.05.2023
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I LOVE shih tzu ♥️♥️😍

A very angry Shih Tzu attacks
  • 24.12.2022
  • 4150

Poor little thing. Not really her fault she was dealt such an awful lot in life, both genetically and situationally. Glad she's receiving kindness and compassion now.

Attack of the killer shih tzu
  • 20.10.2022
  • 5657

shih tzu is very aggressive

Stupid Shih Tzu Owner!!!
  • 19.10.2022
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they are so fun

  • 07.10.2022
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You are the groomer every dog and every owner wants to have … well done.

Can't Get Enough of My Dog's Smile | So Cute!
  • 22.09.2022
  • 7058

What are the ways to make dogs happy? The first answer to the question is love. Feeling that they have a home and adopting that they are a member of that home is the biggest factor in their happiness. Among the things that make dogs happy, sincerity and warmth are in the first place. Dogs are extremely emotional, sensitive and sentient creatures. For this reason, it is extremely wrong to punish your dog for negative behaviors by shouting or rude gestures. These actions will cause your dog to reduce communication with you and feel insecure towards you. One of the most important ways to make your dog happy is to give him a suitable name and to call him by that name and talk to him, which will strengthen his sense of belonging and make him very happy.

I Taught My Dog to Smile
  • 14.08.2022
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Sitting here smiling like Max every time he smiles 😁Thanks for making this vid 🙏

Maltese puppy Falls Asleep While getting Haircut
  • 04.07.2022
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I could have watched her bathe that adorable little thing for hours. I would literally watch that part on loop all day long and it would be the best day ever!! I love how sweet and gentle she is with the animals she’s grooming. I’d pay extra just to know the person grooming my dog treats my dog like her own. The extra time and patience while massaging her bitty little head and trimming her bitty little puppy floof… it shows so much that it isn’t just a client or job or paycheck. She really loves animals and I adore her for that. ❤️❤️❤️

Mini Dachshund bath time
  • 04.07.2022
  • 1901

How CUTE! Dachshunds are my absolute favorite doggies. I've never seen any pups so excited about a bath. I like how it looks and sounds like they are peeling out as they head up the stairs and make that first turn. I appreciate that you explained your care and caution for your pups in your summary. After all, people DO like to lecture and ridicule on YouTube unfortunately. Thanks for posting this lighthearted video.

Tiny chihuahua puppy adorably teases sleepy American bulldog
  • 27.06.2022
  • 3433

I love how he bows his head right down to the little pup in submission. These dogs can get such a bad rep but if raised properly look at what a sweet, gentle, well-mannered, & playful dog! This video made me smile so big! Ty

Golden Retriever Meets Golden Retriever Puppy for the First Time
  • 09.06.2022
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Golden Retriever named Bailey Meets Golden Retriever Puppy named Mia for the First Time! Be sure to subscribe, make sure to enable ALL push notifications! 🔔and leave your comments under this video!

3 Adorable Shih Tzu Puppies | So playful
  • 26.05.2022
  • 11764

These puppies had already been adopted.