Tiny chihuahua puppy adorably teases sleepy American bulldog
  • 27.06.2022
  • 550

I love how he bows his head right down to the little pup in submission. These dogs can get such a bad rep but if raised properly look at what a sweet, gentle, well-mannered, & playful dog! This video made me smile so big! Ty

Golden Retriever Meets Golden Retriever Puppy for the First Time
  • 09.06.2022
  • 6016

Golden Retriever named Bailey Meets Golden Retriever Puppy named Mia for the First Time! Be sure to subscribe, make sure to enable ALL push notifications! 🔔and leave your comments under this video!

3 Adorable Shih Tzu Puppies | So playful
  • 26.05.2022
  • 4161

These puppies had already been adopted.

Beautiful Shih Tzu & Dachshund Dogs People Reaction in Public
  • 25.05.2022
  • 767

Beautiful Shih Tzu & Dachshund Dogs | Cute Dogs | Funny Dogs

Stray Dog Asks Man To Save Her Babies | The Dodo
  • 02.01.2022
  • 1832

Dog stops a man to come and save her puppies — they grow up to look just like her and play together 💕

Leaving The Puppies Alone with a Whole Chicken
  • 26.12.2021
  • 2298

Bow and Bow can not resist chicken. It is also their favorite food! Let's see what they would do if they left alone with an entire chicken!